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Exodus 20:14


“You shall not commit adultery. 1 


Le 18:20; Le 20:10; 2Sa 11:4,5,27; Pr 2:15-18; Pr 6:24-35; Pr 7:18-27; Jer 5:8,9; Jer 29:22,23; Mal 3:5; Mt 5:27,28; Mr 10:11,12; Ro 7:2,3; Eph 5:3-5; Heb 13:4; Jas 4:4; Re 21:8

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sn This is a sin against the marriage of a fellow citizen – it destroys the home. The Law distinguished between adultery (which had a death penalty) and sexual contact with a young woman (which carried a monetary fine and usually marriage if the father was willing). So it distinguished fornication and adultery. Both were sins, but the significance of each was different. In the ancient world this sin is often referred to as “the great sin.”

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