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Exodus 20:13


“You shall not murder. 1 


Ge 4:8-23; Ge 9:5,6; Ex 21:14,20,29; Le 24:21; Nu 35:16-34; De 5:17; De 19:11-13; 2Sa 12:9,10; 2Ki 21:16; 2Ch 24:22; Ps 10:8-11; Pr 1:11,18; Isa 26:21; Jer 26:15; Mt 5:21,22; Ac 28:4; Ro 13:9; Ga 5:21; 1Ti 1:9; Jas 2:11,13; 1Jo 3:12-15

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tn The verb רָצַח (ratsakh) refers to the premeditated or accidental taking of the life of another human being; it includes any unauthorized killing (it is used for the punishment of a murderer, but that would not be included in the prohibition). This commandment teaches the sanctity of all human life. See J. H. Yoder, “Exodus 20,13: ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’,” Int 34 (1980): 394-99; and A. Phillips, “Another Look at Murder,” JJS 28 (1977): 105-26.

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