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Exodus 18:22


They will judge 1  the people under normal circumstances, 2  and every difficult case 3  they will bring to you, but every small case 4  they themselves will judge, so that 5  you may make it easier for yourself, 6  and they will bear the burden 7  with you.


Ex 18:18; Ex 18:26; Le 24:11; Nu 11:17; Nu 15:33; Nu 27:2; Nu 36:1; De 1:17; De 17:8,9; Ro 13:6

NET © Notes

tn The form is the perfect tense with the vav (ו) consecutive, making it equivalent to the imperfect of instruction in the preceding verse.

tn Heb “in every time,” meaning “in all normal cases” or “under normal circumstances.” The same phrase occurs in v. 26.

tn Heb “great thing.”

tn Heb “thing.”

tn The vav here shows the result or the purpose of the instructions given.

tn The expression וְהָקֵל מֵעָלֶיךָ (vÿhaqel mealeykha) means literally “and make it light off yourself.” The word plays against the word for “heavy” used earlier – since it was a heavy or burdensome task, Moses must lighten the load.

tn Here “the burden” has been supplied.

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