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Exodus 10:4


But if you refuse to release my people, I am going to bring 1  locusts 2  into your territory 3  tomorrow.


Ex 8:10,23; Ex 9:5,18; Ex 11:4,5; Pr 30:27; Joe 1:4-7; Joe 2:2-11,25; Re 9:3

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tn הִנְנִי (hinni) before the active participle מֵבִיא (mevi’) is the imminent future construction: “I am about to bring” or “I am going to bring” – precisely, “here I am bringing.”

tn One of the words for “locusts” in the Bible is אַרְבֶּה (’arbeh), which comes from רָבָה (ravah, “to be much, many”). It was used for locusts because of their immense numbers.

tn Heb “within your border.”

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