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Exodus 10:14


The locusts went up over all the land of Egypt and settled down in all the territory 1  of Egypt. It was very severe; 2  there had been no locusts like them before, nor will there be such ever again. 3 


Ex 10:5; Ex 10:6; Ex 11:6; De 28:42; 1Ki 8:37; Ps 78:46; Ps 105:34,35; Joe 1:2-4; Joe 2:2; Re 9:3-7

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tn Heb “border.”

tn This is an interpretive translation. The clause simply has כָּבֵד מְאֹד (kaved mÿod), the stative verb with the adverb – “it was very heavy.” The description prepares for the following statement about the uniqueness of this locust infestation.

tn Heb “after them.”

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