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Esther 5:9


Now Haman went forth that day pleased and very much encouraged. 1  But when Haman saw Mordecai at the king’s gate, and he did not rise nor tremble in his presence, 2  Haman was filled with rage toward Mordecai.


1Ki 21:4; Es 3:2; Es 3:5; Job 20:5; Job 31:31; Ps 15:4; Ps 27:3; Da 3:13,16-19; Am 6:12,13; Mt 2:16; Mt 10:28; Lu 6:25; Joh 16:20; Ac 7:54; Jas 4:9

NET © Notes

tn Heb “happy and good of heart”; NASB “glad and pleased of heart”; NIV “happy and in high spirits.”

tn Heb “tremble from before him”; NIV “nor showed fear in his presence”; TEV “or show any sign of respect as he passed.”

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