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Ecclesiastes 9:16


So I concluded that wisdom is better than might, 1  but a poor man’s wisdom is despised; no one ever listens 2  to his advice. 3 


Pr 10:15; Pr 21:22; Pr 24:5; Ec 7:19; Ec 9:18; Mr 6:2,3; Joh 7:47-49; Joh 9:24-34; 1Co 1:26-29; Jas 2:2-6

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tn Or “power.”

tn The participle form נִשְׁמָעִים (nishmaim, Niphal participle mpl from שָׁמַע, “to listen”) is used verbally to emphasize a continual, durative, gnomic action.

tn Heb “his words are never listened to.”

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