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Ecclesiastes 10:14


yet a fool keeps on babbling. 1  No one knows what will happen; who can tell him what will happen in the future? 2 


Job 34:37; Job 35:16; Pr 10:19; Pr 15:2; Ec 3:22; Ec 5:3; Ec 6:12; Ec 8:7; Jas 4:13,14

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tn Heb “and the fool multiplies words.” This line is best taken as the third line of a tricola encompassing 10:13-14a (NASB, NRSV, NJPS, Moffatt) rather than the first line of a tricola encompassing 10:14 (KJV, NEB, RSV, NAB, ASV, NIV). Several versions capture the sense of this line well: “a fool prates on and on” (Moffatt) and “Yet the fool talks and talks!” (NJPS).

tn Heb “after him”; or “after he [dies].”

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