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Deuteronomy 8:15


and who brought you through the great, fearful desert of venomous serpents 1  and scorpions, an arid place with no water. He made water flow 2  from a flint rock and


Ex 17:5; Nu 20:11; Nu 21:6; De 1:19; Ps 78:15,16; Ps 105:41; Ps 114:8; Ps 136:16; Isa 35:7; Isa 63:12-14; Jer 2:6; Ho 13:5; 1Co 10:4

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tn Heb “flaming serpents”; KJV, NASB “fiery serpents”; NAB “saraph serpents.” This figure of speech (metonymy) probably describes the venomous and painful results of snakebite. The feeling from such an experience would be like a burning fire (שָׂרָף, saraf).

tn Heb “the one who brought out for you water.” In the Hebrew text this continues the preceding sentence, but the translation begins a new sentence here for stylistic reasons.

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