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Deuteronomy 4:24


For the Lord your God is a consuming fire; he is a jealous God. 1 


Ex 20:5; Ex 24:17; Ex 34:14; De 6:15; De 9:3; De 29:20; De 32:16,21; De 32:22; Ps 21:9; Ps 78:58; Isa 30:33; Isa 33:14; Isa 42:8; Jer 21:12-14; Na 1:2; Na 1:6; Zep 1:18; Zep 3:8; 1Co 10:22; Heb 12:29

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tn The juxtaposition of the Hebrew terms אֵשׁ (’esh, “fire”) and קַנָּא (qanna’, “jealous”) is interesting in light of Deut 6:15 where the Lord is seen as a jealous God whose anger bursts into a destructive fire. For God to be “jealous” means that his holiness and uniqueness cannot tolerate pretended or imaginary rivals. It is not petty envy but response to an act of insubordination that must be severely judged (see H. Peels, NIDOTTE 3:937-40).

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