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Deuteronomy 33:5


The Lord 1  was king over Jeshurun, 2  when the leaders of the people assembled, the tribes of Israel together. 3 


Ge 36:31; Ex 18:16,19; Nu 16:13-15; De 32:15; Jud 8:22; Jud 9:2; Jud 17:6

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tn Heb “he was king.” The present translation avoids the sudden shift in person and the mistaken impression that Moses is the referent by specifying the referent as “the Lord.”

sn Jeshurun is a term of affection referring to Israel, derived from the Hebrew verb יָשַׁר (yashar, “be upright”). See note on the term in Deut 32:15.

sn The following blessing is given to the tribes in order, although the tribe of Simeon is curiously missing from the list.

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