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Deuteronomy 31:14


Then the Lord said to Moses, “The day of your death is near. Summon Joshua and present yourselves in the tent 1  of meeting 2  so that I can commission him.” 3  So Moses and Joshua presented themselves in the tent of meeting.


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tc The LXX reads “by the door of the tent” in line with v. 10 but also, perhaps, as a reflection of its tendency to avoid over-familiarity with Yahweh and his transcendence.

tn Heb “tent of assembly” (מוֹעֵד אֹהֶל, ’ohel moed); this is not always the same as the tabernacle, which is usually called מִשְׁכָּן (mishkan, “dwelling-place”), a reference to its being invested with God’s presence. The “tent of meeting” was erected earlier than the tabernacle and was the place where Yahweh occasionally appeared, especially to Moses (cf. Exod 18:7-16; 33:7-11; Num 11:16, 24, 26; 12:4).

tn Heb “I will command him.”

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