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Deuteronomy 22:8


If you build a new house, you must construct a guard rail 1  around your roof to avoid being culpable 2  in the event someone should fall from it.


Ex 21:28-36; Ex 22:6; 2Sa 11:2; Isa 22:1; Jer 19:13; Eze 3:18,20; Eze 32:2-9; Mt 10:27; Mt 18:6,7; Mr 2:4; Ac 10:9; Ac 20:26,27; Ro 14:13; 1Co 10:32; Php 1:10; 1Th 5:22

NET © Notes

tn Or “a parapet” (so NAB, NIV, NRSV); KJV “a battlement”; NLT “a barrier.”

tn Heb “that you not place bloodshed in your house.”

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