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Deuteronomy 12:2


You must by all means destroy 1  all the places where the nations you are about to dispossess worship their gods – on the high mountains and hills and under every leafy tree. 2 


Ex 23:24; Ex 34:12-17; Nu 22:41; Nu 33:51,52; De 7:5,25,26; Jud 2:2; 2Ki 16:4; 2Ki 17:10,11; 2Ki 23:13; Jer 3:6; Eze 20:28,29; Ho 4:13

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tn Heb “destroying you must destroy”; KJV “Ye shall utterly (surely ASV) destroy”; NRSV “must demolish completely.” The Hebrew infinitive absolute precedes the verb for emphasis, which is reflected in the translation by the words “by all means.”

sn Every leafy tree. This expression refers to evergreens which, because they keep their foliage throughout the year, provided apt symbolism for nature cults such as those practiced in Canaan. The deity particularly in view is Asherah, wife of the great god El, who was considered the goddess of fertility and whose worship frequently took place at shrines near or among clusters (groves) of such trees (see also Deut 7:5). See J. Hadley, NIDOTTE 1:569-70; J. DeMoor, TDOT 1:438-44.

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