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Daniel 8:8


The male goat acted even more arrogantly. But no sooner had the large horn become strong than it was broken, and there arose four conspicuous horns 1  in its place, 2  extending toward the four winds of the sky. 3 


De 31:20; 2Ch 26:16; Es 9:4; Ps 82:6,7; Jer 5:27; Eze 16:7; Eze 28:9; Da 4:31; Da 5:20; Da 7:2; Da 7:6; Da 8:22; Da 11:4; Mt 24:31; Mr 13:27; Re 7:1

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tn The word “horns” is not in the Hebrew text, but is implied.

sn The four conspicuous horns refer to Alexander’s successors. After his death, Alexander’s empire was divided up among four of his generals: Cassander, who took Macedonia and Greece; Lysimachus, who took Thrace and parts of Asia Minor; Seleucus, who took Syria and territory to its east; and Ptolemy, who took control of Egypt.

tn Or “the heavens.” The Hebrew term שָׁמַיִם (shamayim) may be translated “heavens” or “sky” depending on the context.

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