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Daniel 7:5


“Then 1  a second beast appeared, like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and there were three ribs 2  in its mouth between its teeth. 3  It was told, 4  ‘Get up and devour much flesh!’


2Ki 2:24; Pr 17:12; Isa 13:17,18; Isa 56:9; Jer 50:21-32; Eze 39:17-20; Da 2:39; Da 5:28; Da 8:3; Da 8:4; Da 11:2; Ho 13:8

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tn Aram “and behold.”

sn The three ribs held securely in the mouth of the bear, perhaps representing Media-Persia, apparently symbolize military conquest, but the exact identity of the “ribs” is not clear. Possibly it is a reference to the Persian conquest of Lydia, Egypt, and Babylonia.

tc The LXX lacks the phrase “between its teeth.”

tn Aram “and thus they were saying to it.”

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