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Daniel 7:15


“As for me, Daniel, my spirit was distressed, 1  and the visions of my mind 2  were alarming me.


Ge 40:7,8; Ge 41:8; Jer 15:17,18; Jer 17:16; Da 2:1,3; Da 4:5; Da 7:28; Da 8:27; Hab 3:16; Lu 19:41-44; Ro 9:2,3; 2Pe 1:14; Re 10:9-11

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tn The Aramaic text includes the phrase “in its sheath,” apparently viewing the body as a container or receptacle for the spirit somewhat like a sheath or scabbard is for a knife or a sword (cf. NAB “within its sheath of flesh”). For this phrase the LXX and Vulgate have “in these things.”

tn Aram “head.”

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