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Daniel 11:7


“There will arise in his 1  place one from her family line 2  who will come against their army and will enter the stronghold of the king of the north and will move against them successfully. 3 


Job 14:7; Ps 49:10-13; Ps 55:23; Ps 109:8; Isa 9:14; Isa 11:1; Jer 12:2; Eze 17:18; Da 11:20; Mal 4:1; Lu 12:20

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sn The reference is to the king of Egypt.

tn Heb “the stock of her roots.”

sn The reference to one from her family line is probably to Berenice’s brother, Ptolemy III Euergetes (ca. 246-221 B.C.).

tn Heb “will deal with them and prevail.”

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