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Amos 5:13


For this reason whoever is smart 1  keeps quiet 2  in such a time, for it is an evil 3  time.


Ec 3:7; Ec 9:12; Isa 36:21; Isa 37:3; Ho 4:4; Am 6:10; Mic 2:3; Mic 7:5-7; Hab 3:16; Zep 2:2,3; Mt 27:12-14; Eph 5:15,16; Eph 6:13; 2Ti 3:1

NET © Notes

tn Or “the wise”; or “the prudent.” Another option is to translate “the successful, prosperous” and understand this as a reference to the rich oppressors. See G. V. Smith, Amos, 169-70. In this case the following verb will also have a different nuance, that is, the wealthy remain silent before the abuses they perpetuate. See the note on the verb translated “keeps quiet” later in this verse.

tn Or “moans, laments,” from a homonymic verbal root. If the rich oppressors are in view, then the verb (whether translated “will be silenced” or “will lament”) describes the result of God’s judgment upon them. See G. V. Smith, Amos, 170.

tn If this is a judgment announcement against the rich, then the Hebrew phrase עֵת רָעָה (’et raah) must be translated, “[a] disastrous time.” See G. V. Smith, Amos, 170.

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