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Amos 4:3


Each of you will go straight through the gaps in the walls; 1  you will be thrown out 2  toward Harmon.” 3  The Lord is speaking!


2Ki 7:7,8,15; 2Ki 25:4; Isa 2:20; Isa 31:7; Eze 12:5,12; Zep 1:18; Mt 16:26

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tn Heb “and [through the] breaches you will go out, each straight ahead.”

tn The Hiphil verb form has no object. It may be intransitive (F. I. Andersen and D. N. Freedman, Amos [AB], 425), though many emend it to a Hophal.

tn The meaning of this word is unclear. Many understand it as a place name, though such a location is not known. Some (e.g., H. W. Wolff, Joel and Amos [Hermeneia[, 204) emend to “Hermon” or to similarly written words, such as “the dung heap” (NEB, NJPS), “the garbage dump” (NCV), or “the fortress” (cf. NLT “your fortresses”).

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