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Amos 3:8


A lion has roared! 1  Who is not afraid? The sovereign Lord has spoken! Who can refuse to prophesy? 2 


Job 32:18,19; Jer 20:9; Am 1:2; Am 2:12; Am 3:4; Am 7:12-17; Ac 4:20; Ac 5:20,29; 1Co 9:16; Re 5:5

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sn The roar of the lion is here a metaphor for impending judgment (see 1:2; cf. 3:4, 12). Verses 7-8 justify Amos’ prophetic ministry and message of warning and judgment. The people should expect a prophetic message prior to divine action.

sn Who can refuse to prophesy? When a message is revealed, the prophet must speak, and the news of impending judgment should cause people to fear.

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