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Acts 8:37


[[EMPTY]] 1 


Mt 16:16; Mt 28:19; Mr 16:16; Joh 6:68,69; Joh 9:35-38; Joh 11:27; Joh 20:31; Ac 2:38,39; Ac 8:12,13,21; Ac 9:20; Ro 10:10; 1Co 12:3; 1Pe 3:21; 1Jo 4:15; 1Jo 5:1,5,10-13

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tc A few later mss (E 36 323 453 945 1739 1891 pc) add, with minor variations, 8:37 “He said to him, ‘If you believe with your whole heart, you may.’ He replied, ‘I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’” Verse 37 is lacking in {Ì45,74 א A B C 33 614 vg syp,h co}. It is clearly not a part of the original text of Acts. The variant is significant in showing how some in the early church viewed a confession of faith. The present translation follows NA27 in omitting the verse number, a procedure also followed by a number of other modern translations.

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