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Acts 8:33


In humiliation 1  justice was taken from him. 2  Who can describe his posterity? 3  For his life was taken away 4  from the earth. 5 


Job 27:2; Job 34:5; Ps 22:15; Ps 22:30; Isa 5:23; Isa 10:2; Isa 53:8,12; Isa 53:10,12; Da 9:26; Hab 1:4; Zec 13:7; Mt 27:12-26; Joh 19:12-16; Php 2:8,9

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tc ‡ Most later mss (C E Ψ 33vid Ï sy) read “In his humiliation,” adding αὐτοῦ (autou, “his”) after ταπεινώσει (tapeinwsei, “humiliation”), while the earlier and better witnesses lack the pronoun (so Ì74 א A B 1739 pc lat). However, the LXX of Isa 53:8 also lacks the pronoun, supplying motivation for scribes to omit it here. At the same time, scribes would also be motivated to add the pronoun both for clarity’s sake (note the similar impulse that led to the addition of δέ [de] by many of the same mss at the beginning of the next line) and to give balance to the lines (the pronoun is indisputably used five other times in vv. 32-33 in quoting Isa 53). On balance, the shorter reading is preferred.

tn Or “justice was denied him”; Grk “his justice was taken away.”

tn Or “family; or “origin.” The meaning of γενεά (genea) in the quotation is uncertain; BDAG 192 s.v. γενεά 4 suggests “family history.”

sn The rhetorical question suggests the insensitivity of this generation for its act against God’s servant, who was slain unjustly as he was silent.

tn Grk “is taken away.” The present tense here was translated as a past tense to maintain consistency with the rest of the quotation.

sn A quotation from Isa 53:7-8.

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