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Acts 5:40


and they summoned the apostles and had them beaten. 1  Then 2  they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus and released them.


Pr 12:10; Isa 30:10; Am 2:12; Mic 2:6; Mt 10:17; Mt 23:34; Mr 13:9; Lu 20:10; Joh 19:1-4; Ac 4:17-21; Ac 4:18; Ac 5:28; 2Co 11:24

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sn Had them beaten. The punishment was the “forty lashes minus one,” see also Acts 22:19; 2 Cor 11:24; Mark 13:9. The apostles had disobeyed the religious authorities and took their punishment for their “disobedience” (Deut 25:2-3; m. Makkot 3:10-14). In Acts 4:18 they were warned. Now they are beaten. The hostility is rising as the narrative unfolds.

tn The word “Then” is supplied as the beginning of a new sentence in the translation. The construction in Greek has so many clauses (most of them made up of participles) that a continuous English sentence would be very awkward.

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