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Acts 4:13


When they saw the boldness 1  of Peter and John, and discovered 2  that they were uneducated 3  and ordinary 4  men, they were amazed and recognized these men had been with Jesus.


Mt 4:18-22; Mt 11:25; Mt 26:57,58,71,73; Lu 22:52-54,56-60; Joh 7:15,49; Joh 18:16,17; Joh 19:26; Ac 2:7-12; 1Co 1:27

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tn Or “courage.”

tn Or “and found out.”

sn Uneducated does not mean “illiterate,” that is, unable to read or write. Among Jews in NT times there was almost universal literacy, especially as the result of widespread synagogue schools. The term refers to the fact that Peter and John had no formal rabbinic training and thus, in the view of their accusers, were not qualified to expound the law or teach publicly. The objection is like Acts 2:7.

tn For the translation of ἰδιῶται (idiwtai) as “ordinary men” see L&N 27.26.

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