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Acts 28:19


But when the Jews objected, 1  I was forced to appeal to Caesar 2  – not that I had some charge to bring 3  against my own people. 4 


Ac 25:10-12,21,25; Ac 26:32; Ro 12:19-21; 1Pe 2:22,23

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tn That is, objected to my release.

tn Or “to the emperor” (“Caesar” is a title for the Roman emperor).

tn BDAG 533 s.v. κατηγορέω 1 states, “nearly always as legal t.t.: bring charges in court.” L&N 33.427 states for κατηγορέω, “to bring serious charges or accusations against someone, with the possible connotation of a legal or court context – ‘to accuse, to bring charges.’”

tn Or “my own nation.”

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