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Acts 28:10


They also bestowed many honors, 1  and when we were preparing to sail, 2  they gave 3  us all the supplies we needed. 4 


2Ki 8:9; Ezr 7:27; Mt 6:31-34; Mt 10:8-10; Mt 15:5,6; 2Co 8:2-6; 2Co 9:5-11; Php 4:11,12,19; 1Th 2:6; 1Ti 5:3,4,17,18

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tn Or “they also honored us greatly”; Grk “they also honored us with many honors” (an idiom).

tn BDAG 62 s.v. ἀνάγω 4, “as a nautical t.t. (. τὴν ναῦν put a ship to sea), mid. or pass. ἀνάγεσθαι to begin to go by boat, put out to sea.” In this case the simpler English “sail” is more appropriate. The English participle “preparing” has also been supplied, since the provisioning of the ship would take place some time before the actual departure.

tn BDAG 384 s.v. ἐπιτίθημι 1.b has “give τινί τι someth. to someoneἀναγομένοις τὰ πρὸς τὰς χρείας when we sailed they gave us what we needed Ac 28:10.”

sn They gave us all the supplies we needed. What they had lost in the storm and shipwreck was now replaced. Luke describes these pagans very positively.

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