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Acts 26:25


But Paul replied, 1  “I have not lost my mind, most excellent Festus, 2  but am speaking 3  true and rational 4  words.


Lu 1:3; Joh 8:49; Ac 23:26; Ac 24:3; Tit 1:9; Tit 2:7,8; 1Pe 2:21-23; 1Pe 3:9,15

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tn Grk “said.”

sn See the note on Porcius Festus in 24:27.

tn Or “declaring.” BDAG 125 s.v. ἀποφθέγγομαι states, “speak out, declare boldly or loudly…τὶ: σωφροσύνης ῥήματα Ac 26:25.”

tn BDAG 987 s.v. σωφροσύνη 1 has “gener. soundness of mind, reasonableness, rationalityἀληθείας καὶ σωφροσύνης ῥήματα true and rational words (opp. μαίνομαι) Ac 26:25.”

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