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Acts 25:5


“So,” he said, “let your leaders 1  go down there 2  with me, and if this man has done anything wrong, 3  they may bring charges 4  against him.”


1Sa 24:11,12; Ps 7:3-5; Joh 18:29,30; Ac 18:14; Ac 23:30; Ac 24:8; Ac 25:16; Ac 25:18,19,25

NET © Notes

tn Grk “let those who are influential among you” (i.e., the powerful).

tn The word “there” is not in the Greek text, but is implied.

tn Grk “and if there is anything wrong with this man,” but this could be misunderstood in English to mean a moral or physical defect, while the issue in context is the commission of some crime, something legally improper (BDAG 149 s.v. ἄτοπος 2).

tn BDAG 533 s.v. κατηγορέω 1 states, “nearly always as legal t.t.: bring charges in court.” L&N 33.427 states for κατηγορέω, “to bring serious charges or accusations against someone, with the possible connotation of a legal or court context – ‘to accuse, to bring charges.”

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