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Acts 25:19


Rather they had several points of disagreement 1  with him about their own religion 2  and about a man named Jesus 3  who was dead, whom Paul claimed 4  to be alive.


Ac 1:22; Ac 2:32; Ac 17:22,23; Ac 17:31; Ac 18:15,19; Ac 23:29; Ac 25:7; Ac 26:22,23; 1Co 15:3,4,14-20; Re 1:18

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tn Grk “several controversial issues.” BDAG 428 s.v. ζήτημα states, “in our lit. only in Ac, w. the mng. it still has in Mod. Gk. (controversial) question, issue, argumentAc 15:2; 26:3. ζ. περί τινος questions about someth.…18:15; 25:19.”

tn On this term see BDAG 216 s.v. δεισιδαιμονία 2. It is a broad term for religion.

sn About their own religion. Festus made it clear that in his view as a neutral figure (and as one Luke had noted was disposed to help the Jews), he saw no guilt in Paul. The issue was a simple religious dispute.

tn Grk “a certain Jesus.”

tn Or “asserted.”

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