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Acts 25:14


While 1  they were staying there many days, Festus 2  explained Paul’s case to the king to get his opinion, 3  saying, “There is a man left here as a prisoner by Felix.


Ac 24:27

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tn BDAG 1105-6 s.v. ὡς 8.b states, “w. pres. or impf. while, when, as long asAc 1:10; 7:23; 9:23; 10:17; 13:25; 19:9; 21:27; 25:14.”

sn See the note on Porcius Festus in 24:27.

tn Grk “Festus laid Paul’s case before the king for consideration.” BDAG 74 s.v. ἀνατίθημι 2 states, “otherw. only mid. to lay someth. before someone for consideration, declare, communicate, refer w. the added idea that the pers. to whom a thing is ref. is asked for his opinion lay someth. before someone for considerationAc 25:14.”

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