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Acts 24:6


He 1  even tried to desecrate 2  the temple, so we arrested 3  him.


Joh 18:31; Joh 19:7,8; Ac 19:37; Ac 21:27-29; Ac 21:30-32; Ac 22:23; Ac 23:10-15; Ac 24:12

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tn Grk “who.” Because of the length and complexity of the Greek sentence, the relative pronoun (“who”) was replaced by the third person singular pronoun (“he”) and a new sentence begun here in the translation.

tn Or “profane” (BDAG 173 s.v. βεβηλόω). The term was also used of profaning the Sabbath.

tn Or “seized.” Grk “whom also we arrested.” Because of the awkwardness of a relative clause in English at this point, the relative pronoun (“whom”) was replaced by the pronoun “him” as object of the verb.

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