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Acts 20:27


For I did not hold back from 1  announcing 2  to you the whole purpose 3  of God.


Ps 32:11; Isa 46:10,11; Jer 23:22; Mt 28:20; Lu 7:30; Joh 15:15; Ac 2:23; Ac 20:20,35; Ac 26:22,23; 1Co 11:23; 2Co 4:2; Ga 1:7-10; Ga 4:16; Eph 1:11; 1Th 2:4

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tn Or “did not avoid.” BDAG 1041 s.v. ὑποστέλλω 2.b has “shrink from, avoid implying fear…οὐ γὰρ ὑπεστειλάμην τοῦ μὴ ἀναγγεῖλαι I did not shrink from proclaiming Ac 20:27”; L&N 13.160 has “to hold oneself back from doing something, with the implication of some fearful concern – ‘to hold back from, to shrink from, to avoid’…‘for I have not held back from announcing to you the whole purpose of God’ Ac 20:27.”

tn Or “proclaiming,” “declaring.”

tn Or “plan.”

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