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Acts 2:46


Every day 1  they continued to gather together by common consent in the temple courts, 2  breaking bread from 3  house to house, sharing their food with glad 4  and humble hearts, 5 


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NET © Notes

tn BDAG 437 s.v. ἡμέρα 2.c has “every day” for this phrase.

tn Grk “in the temple.” This is actually a reference to the courts surrounding the temple proper, and has been translated accordingly.

tn Here κατά (kata) is used as a distributive (BDAG 512 s.v. B.1.d).

sn The term glad (Grk “gladness”) often refers to joy brought about by God’s saving acts (Luke 1:14, 44; also the related verb in 1:47; 10:21).

tn Grk “with gladness and humbleness of hearts.” It is best to understand καρδίας (kardias) as an attributed genitive, with the two nouns it modifies actually listing attributes of the genitive noun which is related to them.

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