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Acts 2:3


And tongues spreading out like a fire 1  appeared to them and came to rest on each one of them.


Ge 11:6; Ps 55:9; Isa 6:5; Isa 11:2,3; Jer 23:29; Mal 3:2,3; Mt 3:11; Mt 3:15; Lu 24:32; Joh 1:32,33; Ac 1:15; Ac 2:4,11; 1Co 12:10; Jas 3:6; Re 11:3; Re 14:6

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tn Or “And divided tongues as of fire.” The precise meaning of διαμερίζομαι (diamerizomai) in Acts 2:3 is difficult to determine. The meaning could be “tongues as of fire dividing up one to each person,” but it is also possible that the individual tongues of fire were divided (“And divided tongues as of fire appeared”). The translation adopted in the text (“tongues spreading out like a fire”) attempts to be somewhat ambiguous.

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