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Acts 19:40


For 1  we are in danger of being charged with rioting 2  today, since there is no cause we can give to explain 3  this disorderly gathering.” 4 


1Ki 1:41; Mt 26:5; Ac 17:5-8; Ac 20:1; Ac 21:31,38

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tn Grk “For indeed.” The ascensive force of καί (kai) would be awkward to translate here.

tn The term translated “rioting” refers to a revolt or uprising (BDAG 940 s.v. στάσις 2, 3). This would threaten Roman rule and invite Roman intervention.

tn Or “to account for.” Grk “since there is no cause concerning which we can give account concerning this disorderly gathering.” The complexity of the Greek relative clause (“which”) and the multiple prepositions (“concerning”) have been simplified in the translation consistent with contemporary English style.

tn Or “commotion.” BDAG 979 s.v. συστροφή 1 gives the meaning “a tumultuous gathering of people, disorderly/seditious gathering or commotionAc 19:40.”

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