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Acts 19:13


But some itinerant 1  Jewish exorcists tried to invoke the name 2  of the Lord Jesus over those who were possessed by 3  evil spirits, saying, “I sternly warn 4  you by Jesus whom Paul preaches.”


Ge 4:12,14; Jos 6:26; 1Sa 14:24; 1Ki 22:16; Ps 109:10; Mt 12:27; Mt 26:63; Mr 5:7; Mr 9:38; Lu 9:49; Lu 11:19; Ac 8:18,19

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tn Grk “some Jewish exorcists who traveled about.” The adjectival participle περιερχομένων (periercomenwn) has been translated as “itinerant.”

tn Grk “to name the name.”

tn Grk “who had.” Here ἔχω (ecw) is used of demon possession, a common usage according to BDAG 421 s.v. ἔχω 7.a.α.

sn The expression I sternly warn you means “I charge you as under oath.”

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