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Acts 17:4


Some of them were persuaded 1  and joined Paul and Silas, along with a large group 2  of God-fearing Greeks 3  and quite a few 4  prominent women.


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tn Or “convinced.”

tn Or “a large crowd.”

tn Or “of devout Greeks,” but this is practically a technical term for the category called God-fearers, Gentiles who worshiped the God of Israel and in many cases kept the Mosaic law, but did not take the final step of circumcision necessary to become a proselyte to Judaism. See further K. G. Kuhn, TDNT 6:732-34, 743-44. Luke frequently mentions such people (Acts 13:43, 50; 16:14; 17:17; 18:7).

tn Grk “not a few”; this use of negation could be misleading to the modern English reader, however, and so has been translated as “quite a few” (which is the actual meaning of the expression).

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