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Acts 17:26


From one man 1  he made every nation of the human race 2  to inhabit the entire earth, 3  determining their set times 4  and the fixed limits of the places where they would live, 5 


Ge 3:20; Ge 9:19; De 32:7,8; Job 14:5; Ps 31:15; Isa 14:31; Isa 45:21; Da 11:27,35; Mal 2:10; Ac 15:18; Ro 5:12-19; 1Co 15:22,47; Heb 2:3

NET © Notes

sn The one man refers to Adam (the word “man” is understood).

tn Or “mankind.” BDAG 276 s.v. ἔθνος 1 has “every nation of humankind Ac 17:26.”

tn Grk “to live over all the face of the earth.”

tn BDAG 884-85 s.v. προστάσσω has “(οἱ) προστεταγμένοι καιροί (the) fixed times Ac 17:26” here, but since the following phrase is also translated “fixed limits,” this would seem redundant in English, so the word “set” has been used instead.

tn Grk “the boundaries of their habitation.” L&N 80.5 has “fixed limits of the places where they would live” for this phrase.

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