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Acts 16:21


and are advocating 1  customs that are not lawful for us to accept 2  or practice, 3  since we are 4  Romans.”


Jer 10:3; Ac 26:3

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tn Grk “proclaiming,” but in relation to customs, “advocating” is a closer approximation to the meaning.

tn Or “acknowledge.”

sn Customs that are not lawful for us to accept or practice. Ironically, the charges are similar to those made against Jesus in Luke 23:2, where Jews argued he was “twisting” their customs. The charge has three elements: (1) a racial element (Jewish); (2) a social element (unlawful); and (3) a traditional element (not their customs).

tn Grk “we being Romans.” The participle οὖσιν (ousin) has been translated as a causal adverbial participle.

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