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Acts 15:40


but Paul chose Silas and set out, commended 1  to the grace of the Lord by the brothers and sisters. 2 


Ac 13:3; Ac 14:26; Ac 15:22,32; Ac 16:1-3; Ac 20:32; 1Co 15:10; 2Co 13:14; 2Ti 4:22; Tit 3:15; 2Jo 1:10,11

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tn Or “committed.” BDAG 762 s.v. παραδίδωμι 2 gives “be commended by someone to the grace of the Lord” as the meaning for this phrase, although “give over” and “commit” are listed as alternatives for this category.

tn Grk “by the brothers.” Here it it is highly probable that the entire congregation is in view, not just men, so the translation “brothers and sisters” has been used for the plural ἀδελφῶν (adelfwn),.

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