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Acts 14:22


They strengthened 1  the souls of the disciples and encouraged them to continue 2  in the faith, saying, “We must enter the kingdom 3  of God through many persecutions.” 4 


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tn Grk “to Antioch, strengthening.” Due to the length of the Greek sentence and the tendency of contemporary English to use shorter sentences, a new sentence was started here. This participle (ἐπιστηρίζοντες, episthrizonte") and the following one (παρακαλοῦντες, parakalounte") have been translated as finite verbs connected by the coordinating conjunction “and.”

sn And encouraged them to continue. The exhortations are like those noted in Acts 11:23; 13:43. An example of such a speech is found in Acts 20:18-35. Christianity is now characterized as “the faith.”

sn This reference to the kingdom of God clearly refers to its future arrival.

tn Or “sufferings.”

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