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Acts 11:19


Now those who had been scattered because of the persecution that took place over Stephen 1  went as far as 2  Phoenicia, 3  Cyprus, 4  and Antioch, 5  speaking the message 6  to no one but Jews.


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sn The phrase over Stephen means in connection with Stephen’s death. See Acts 8:1b-3.

tn Or “finally reached.” The translations “went as far as” and “finally reached” for διῆλθον (dihlqon) in this verse are given in L&N 15.17.

sn Phoenicia was an area along the Mediterranean coast north of Palestine.

tn Grk “and Cyprus,” but καί (kai) has not been translated since English normally uses a coordinating conjunction only between the last two elements in a series of three or more.

sn Cyprus was a large island in the Mediterranean off the south coast of Asia Minor.

sn Antioch was a city in Syria (not Antioch in Pisidia). This was probably the third largest city in the Greco-Roman world (Alexandria in Egypt was the second largest, and Rome the largest) and was the seat of government in Syria. Five miles away was a major temple to Artemis, Apollo, and Astarte, major pagan deities.

map For location see JP1 F2; JP2 F2; JP3 F2; JP4 F2.

tn Grk “word.”

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