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Acts 10:40


but 1  God raised him up on the third day and caused him to be seen, 2 


Mt 28:1,2; Ac 13:30,31; Ac 17:31; Ro 1:4; Ro 4:24,25; Ro 6:4-11; Ro 8:11; Ro 14:9; 1Co 15:3,4,12-20; 2Co 4:14; Heb 13:20; 1Pe 1:21

NET © Notes

tn The conjunction “but” is not in the Greek text, but the contrast is clearly implied in the context. This is technically asyndeton, or lack of a connective, in Greek.

tn Grk “and granted that he should become visible.” The literal Greek idiom is somewhat awkward in English. L&N 24.22 offers the translation “caused him to be seen” for this verse.

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