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2 Samuel 7:11


and during the time when I appointed judges to lead my people Israel. Instead, I will give you relief 1  from all your enemies. The Lord declares 2  to you that he himself 3  will build a dynastic house 4  for you.


Ex 1:21; Jud 2:14-16; 1Sa 12:9-11; 2Sa 7:1; 2Sa 7:27; 1Ki 2:24; 1Ki 11:38; 1Ch 17:10; 1Ch 22:10; Job 5:18,19; Job 34:29; Ps 46:9; Ps 89:3,4; Ps 106:42; Ps 127:1; Pr 14:1

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tn Or “rest.”

tn In the Hebrew text the verb is apparently perfect with vav consecutive, which would normally suggest a future sense (“he will declare”; so the LXX, ἀπαγγελεῖ [apangelei]). But the context seems instead to call for a present or past nuance (“he declares” or “he has declared”). The synoptic passage in 1 Chr 17:10 has וָאַגִּד (vaaggid, “and I declared”). The construction used in 2 Sam 7:11 highlights this important statement.

tn Heb “the Lord.”

tn Heb “house,” but used here in a metaphorical sense, referring to a royal dynasty. Here the Lord’s use of the word plays off the literal sense that David had in mind as he contemplated building a temple for the Lord. To reflect this in the English translation the adjective “dynastic” has been supplied.

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