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2 Samuel 12:24


So David comforted his wife Bathsheba. He went to her and had marital relations with her. 1  She gave birth to a son, and David 2  named him Solomon. Now the Lord loved the child 3 


2Sa 7:12; 1Ch 3:5; 1Ch 22:9,10; 1Ch 28:5,6; 1Ch 29:1; Mt 1:6

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tn Heb “and he lay with her.”

tn Heb “he”; the referent (David) has been specified in the translation for clarity. While some translations render the pronoun as third person plural (“they”), implying that both David and Bathsheba together named the child, it is likely that the name “Solomon,” which is related to the Hebrew word for “peace” (and may be derived from it) had special significance for David, who would have regarded the birth of a second child to Bathsheba as a confirming sign that God had forgiven his sin and was at peace with him.

tn Heb “him,” referring to the child.

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