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2 Peter 2:16


yet was rebuked 1  for his own transgression (a dumb donkey, 2  speaking with a human voice, 3  restrained the prophet’s madness). 4 


Nu 22:22-33; Ec 7:25; Ec 9:3; Ho 9:7; Lu 16:11; Ac 26:11,24,25

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tn Grk “but he had a rebuke.”

tn The Greek word ἄφωνος (afwno") means “mute, silent” or “incapable of speech.” For reasons of English style the word “dumb” was used in the translation. Despite the potential for misunderstanding (since “dumb” can refer to a lack of intellectual capability) more dynamic glosses were judged to be inelegant.

tn Grk “a voice of a (man/person).”

sn Balaam’s activities are detailed in Num 22—24 (see also Num 31:8, 16).

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