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2 Peter 1:5


For this very reason, 1  make every effort 2  to add to your faith excellence, 3  to excellence, knowledge;


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NET © Notes

tn The Greek text begins with “and,” a typical Semitism.

sn The reason given is all the provisions God has made for the believer, mentioned in vv. 3-4.

tn The participle is either means (“by making every effort”) or attendant circumstance (“make every effort”). Although it fits the normal contours of attendant circumstance participles, the semantics are different. Normally, attendant circumstance is used of an action that is a necessary prelude to the action of the main verb. But “making every effort” is what energizes the main verb here. Hence it is best taken as means. However, for the sake of smoothness the translation has rendered it as a command with the main verb translated as an infinitive. This is in accord with English idiom.

tn Or “moral excellence,” “virtue”; this is the same word used in v. 3 (“the one who has called us by his own glory and excellence”).

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