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2 Kings 12:5


The priests should receive the silver they need from the treasurers and repair any damage to the temple they discover.” 1 


1Ki 11:27; 2Ki 12:12; 2Ki 22:5,6; 2Ch 24:5; 2Ch 24:7; Isa 58:12

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tn Heb “Let the priests take for themselves, each from his treasurer, and let them repair the damage of the temple, with respect to all the damage that is found there.” The word מַכָּר (makar), translated here “treasurer,” occurs only in this passage. Some suggest it means “merchant” or “benefactor.” Its usage in Ugaritic texts, where it appears in a list of temple officials, suggests that it refers in this context to individuals who were in charge of disbursing temple funds.

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