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2 Kings 11:4


In the seventh year Jehoiada summoned 1  the officers of the units of hundreds of the Carians 2  and the royal bodyguard. 3  He met with them 4  in the Lord’s temple. He made an agreement 5  with them and made them swear an oath of allegiance in the Lord’s temple. Then he showed them the king’s son.


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tn Heb “Jehoiada sent and took.”

sn The Carians were apparently a bodyguard, probably comprised of foreigners. See HALOT 497 s.v. כָּרִי and M. Cogan and H. Tadmor, II Kings (AB), 126.

tn Heb “the runners.”

tn Heb “he brought them to himself.”

tn Or “covenant.”

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